Welcome to Interactions Research

At Interactions Research, we are passionate about understanding how people interact with ideas, products, services and each other. Our projects get to the heart of what motivates people to influence real change.

Our guiding mission is to make a difference for a sustainable world. We are all global citizens and it is our belief that sustainability can only be good for both the financial outcomes of our clients and our own company. This influences everything about our business in a world where action is urgently needed.

About Us

Established in Wicklow in 1993, Interactions Research provides market research services to local, national and European clients. Our insight helps businesses better understand and serve their customers.

In 2020 we’re excited to work with our clients to help create sustainable outcomes, that grow their bottom-line, and help to make the world a better place.

What We Do

Understanding people and their motivations is at the heart of what we do, and nothing shapes, drives or influences real change like the insights our world-class expertise can reveal.

We design specific research projects by weaving together quantitative, qualitative and behavioural analysis in a manner that truly answers the unique questions at the core of each research project.

New Formats for Forums

New Formats for Forums

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