Interactions Starts Work on the New EC Public Transport Quality/Standards Initiative

The kick-off METPEX meeting, held at the end of 2012 in the University of Coventry marks the official launch of the project. Running from 2012-2014 and financed under the EC’s FP7 Transport Call, the METPEX project will develop an inclusive passenger experience measurement tool for European transport providers validated through its use across 8 sites of varying transport complexity. Interaction’s role is to evaluate the project and its impact on transport providers and travellers.

For many, the perception and reality of public transport does not encourage use, especially when multimodal forms of transport are needed. A holistic understanding of passenger experience is critical to develop and support transport accessibility. Whilst previous research has focused on different aspects of passenger experience, the diversity of tools developed limits their usefulness, effectiveness and transferability. This project will look into maximising public transport and adding value for all, including more vulnerable groups, such as less mobile, elderly and disabled.

With 16 European organisations involved, it brings together different disciplines from transport systems and planning, evaluation, ICT, sustainability, traffic engineering, behavioural studies, regional development and economic analysis.

At the kick-off meeting, discussions focused on how the METPEX’s key research questions could be best addressed by the proposed methodological approach. In particular, the participants discussed in detail the tasks of the different work packages, the specific roles of the project partners, the administrative and management procedures as well as the dissemination strategy. Findings from the meeting helped shape the ‘Quality Transport’ research agenda and establish a common understanding of the key challenges and requirements of METPEX.

Interactions Market Research Ltd are looking forward to being at the forefront of the latest European Wide Research into Public Transport quality standards.

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