Smart Apps for Smarter Travel – Cycling

Following on from our introduction to smart apps for smarter travel, we would like to show you some of the more interesting ones we have come across recently. First up are some cycling apps:

BikeMyMoney calculates the amount of money, CO2 and fuel saved over your normal car journey. It can be customised to your type of car and fuel prices in your country. It works in more than 50 countries and is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, for PC, or Android on iTunes App Store, Amazon, or Android Market.

Cyclopath is a geowiki – an editable map where anyone can share notes about roads and trails, enter tags and fix map problems like missing trails. Edit, save, and share bike routes with other Cyclopath users. You can browse through routes shared by others and save your own private routes. You can enter personal bikeability ratings for roads and trails and it helps you find the best routes.

Liquid is an online marketplace that lets you find the best bikes to rent, whether from individuals or rental shops. Launched across the US it is gearing up to spread its service to other countries in 2013. Think of it as a little like AirBnb…but for bikes.

Naviki turns your smartphone into a cycling satnav showing you cycling routes to your destination. Create a collection of your own routes and naviki will connect them into a network. It hopes to connect paths all over Europe eventually.

The Endomondo app is a key aspect of the European Cycling Challenge 2013 where participants’ trips are tracked by GPS, generating heat maps and calculating co2 savings. It provides useful information for planners. 11 cities have already joined.

Coming soon: Enabling Cycling Cities – Ingredients for Success; a publication from CIVITAS Mimosa delivering key information about cycling programmes across the world.

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