Radio Research

At Interactions we work with a significant number of Ireland’s most successful local radio stations including Radio NOVA, OceanFM, Sunshine 106.8, Midlands 103, FM104, and East Coast Radio. And just as listeners tune into their favourite stations we frequently tune into listeners’ needs to ensure that our clients continue to create content that drives audience share. So, while it might appear as simple as playing the latest Katy Perry single, it’s anything but.

In Ireland, the licensing authority determines the targeted demographic and style of the prospective station. You can’t just decide you want to hit the airwaves with a jazz station without their consent. And while these kind of strict guidelines can pose a challenge to stations in terms of self-determination, in reality it demands that the station understand it’s audience’s expectations intimately from the moment it goes on air. Or risk losing them.

The research we conduct for our radio clients is a perfect expression of our research expertise and it’s forward-looking theory that behaviour is influenced by anticipations of future outcomes rather than reactions to past events. It means that a radio station also needs to be forward looking, anticipating and meeting listeners’ expectations, or it will face rejection.

Our solution is to initially embark on qualitative research to establish how people interpret programmes, presenters and the role of the station in their lives. This happens through a series of intensive focus groups, defining the station’s personality and providing insights that inform the station’s brand map and their position in the market landscape – distinguishing themselves from other stations and defining the values that will lead to success.

Yet definitions often need to be verified which is why we activate large scale surveys in licence areas involving interviews to delve even deeper into listening behaviour and habits.

Radio stations that work with us go on air in the knowledge that they are always in tune with their listeners, making us a big hit with our clients. Sorry to steal your thunder Katy.

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