European Cycling Challenge 2014

The European Cycling Challenge 2014 has just been launched. The first round of the European Cycling Challenge was held in 2012 as part of CIVITAS PLUS, when the City of Bologna and its Public Transport Authority, SRM, launched a campaign at European level in which participating cities competed to cover the most kilometres by bike. The goal of the challenge is to encourage people to use bicycles for commuting. The kilometres cycled were recorded and tracked via GPS by the Endomondo smartphones App.

In 2012, 715 cyclists in 7 teams challenged each other, cycling a total of 90,000 km.

In 2013 there were 12 participating cities (including Dublin), 3,067 cyclists and 313,000 km cycled. Bologna hopes that next year will be bigger and better! To participate in the 2014 challenge see for more details.

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