The Evidence Project (2013 – 2015)

There is a clear expectation from government across Europe that measures on reducing carbon, improving air quality, and enhancing health all have to be consistent with policies that support economic growth. Decision makers need to understand what works best to ensure that investment in Sustainable Urban Mobility measures represents good value for money.

THE EVIDENCE PROJECT (2012-2015) received EU funding to review the evidence on the proven economic benefits of 23 sustainable transport initiatives. Interactions, together with academic partners and transport consultants across Europe, collated this evidence from a wide range of sources. The material was filtered according to robust inclusion criteria and categorised. The selected material was reviewed in-depth for each type of initiative, and the potential economic benefits summarised. We created an online database where you can also find the review documents, and summary reports as well as links to the original source material.

Visit to:

  • Find out how to optimise the economic value from transport investment.
  • Discover which of the 23 typical categories of Sustainable Urban Mobility measures work best and where proof is weak.
  • Understand how contemporary transport approaches compare to more traditional schemes and measures.

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