The SUITS Project (2016 – 2020)

Almost half (44%) of all EU urban citizens live in ‘medium-sized’ city regions of less than 500,000. There is still a need to take into account the requirements of the authorities of small and medium sized cities and to address existing capacity shortfalls in order to maintain and normalise sustainable mobility in policy making and transport planning and to improve the quality of urban life.

Securing a long-term reduction in urban road congestion is a major challenge for modern cities. The key driver and change agent for sustainable development in transport is the city with its local authorities, stakeholder organisations and citizens.

In the SUITS project, Interactions collaborates with a wide range of partners from 11 countries, including universities and research institutes, municipalities, public transport authorities and consultancies specialising in mobility, information technologies and sustainability.

The SUITS project (2016 – 2020) shares best practice and develops a range of materials to enable, in particular, small and medium-sized cities to increase capacity to finance and implement sustainable transport measures or Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) that support mobility transformation.

The SUITS project is a four-year research and innovation action, intending to increase the capacity building of Local Authorities and transport stakeholders and to transfer learning to smaller sized cities, making them more effective and resilient to change in the judicious implementation of sustainable transport measures. SUITS is one of the three projects of the EU’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative focusing on sustainable urban mobility plans.

The project will produce and provide to small and medium-sized cities a set of tools on planning, financing and implementing sustainable transport measures and will support the enhancement of the capacity of nine cities in seven EU countries to address efficiently the new challenges of urban mobility and to foster investments in sustainable transport.
Interactions’ role is to evaluate the impacts of sustainability mobility initiatives in our partner cities.

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