Meath County Council Pre- and Post- Evaluation studies

Meath County Council have conducted extensive development work aimed at promoting the sharing of transport spaces by pedestrians, cyclists, public transport alongside carbon based.  Interactions have conducted a number of pre-and post- evaluations since 2016.

Upgrades and changes have included pedestrian facilities at roundabouts, shared space for cyclists and pedestrians, park & ride facilities and street pedestrianisation and accessibility improvements.

Interactions have conducted:

  • face-to-face interviews on-street with pedestrians
  • in-depth interviews on-site with business owners
  • in-depth telephone interviews with school principals
  • face-to-face and in-depth with commuters at park & ride facility
  • face-to-face and in-depth with parents at the school gates

Our survey topics have included perceptions of issues requiring redress, aspects requiring further improvement, preferences and otherwise for proposed changes, the expected and actual impact on behaviour, likelihood to encourage walking and cycling, safety perceptions, as well as post-intervention measurements of attitudes and behaviour.

  • Gauging reactions to/expectations of upgrades and improvements.
  • Measuring reactions across specific demographics.
  • Measuring modal shift – daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Identifying and quantifying the triggers and barriers to modal shift.
  • Highlighting issues and validating public approval.
  • Feedback received has been used by MCC to inform subsequent project’s design.

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