What Transport User Type Are You?

What Transport User type are you?

Taking the 12 ‘Golden Questions’ from the EU-funded SEGMENT project, Interactions has applied them to the Irish market. These 12 questions allow any survey respondent to be allocated to one of 8 distinct segments of the population, depending on their attitudes towards car use and active travel.

Segmentation helps to define more precise target audiences for your communication, whether it is for sustainable behaviour change or to promote your product or service. It gives you insights into how segments respond differently to different messaging and helps you to deliver more effective campaigns.

So, are you like Grumpy Greg – you dislike driving but have no other option, unlike Devoted Dave who loves his car?

Or are you a ‘car-free chooser’ like Cheerful Cheryl? She could have a car but has chosen not to use one?

Or maybe you are a ‘practical traveller’ like Pragmatic Pete – choosing whatever mode of transport suits the need.

Take the quiz and find out!

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