The Irish Transport Segments

We are excited this week to present the results of our SEGMENT research at the virtual CERI/ITRN Research Conference.

Using an internationally verified profiling tool and robust data collection techniques, our segmentation tool splits the Irish transport market into behavioural and attitudinal segments.

Since 2016 Interactions has conducted a series of nationally representative surveys in Ireland in which we applied the clusters and golden questions identified via the EU funded SEGMENT Project which tested the use of consumer market segmentation techniques in persuading people to change their travel behaviour and adopt more energy efficient forms of transport.

First we will present the results of the European research which identified the 8 segments – 5 car-use segments and 5 non-driving segments. Each can be seen to have its own distinct ‘personality’.

The second part is the results for Irish Transport: how the segments are distributed in Ireland and the Irish profile contrasted with the European cities in the original study.

  • Most Irish car users fall into the 3 highest-volume car users,
  • We have more of the high car use ‘unrepentant’ types than any city in Europe.
  • And, the race is on to intercept another 10% who dream of starting to drive.

Interested members of the public can add to the data and see what segment they fall into here:

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