Irish Transport Research Network 2020

Claire Rountree presented the results of our market segmentation of the Irish transport market at the CERI2020 and ITRN Research Conference recently.

We identified 8 different transport segments in the Irish market and compared Ireland with Europe.

This research is based on the outcomes of the SEGMENT Project, an IEE STEER funded project which tested the use of consumer market segmentation techniques to identify transport segments and persuade people to change their travel behaviour and adopt more sustainable forms of transport.

12 questions allow any survey respondent to be allocated to one of 8 distinct segments of the population, depending on their attitudes towards car use and active travel.

Interactions has applied the SEGMENT project clusters and golden questions to persuade Irish people to change their travel behaviour and adopt more energy efficient forms of transport. The presentation reviewed how the methodology rolled out across Europe as well as how we applied it in Ireland with topline findings from over 5,000 anonymised demographically defined segmentation interviews conducted by Interactions in ROI over 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

  • As part of our quarterly omnibus service, Interactions has applied the European Travel Segments ‘golden questions’ in Ireland. We now have a dataset of over 5,000 segmentation interviews conducted in ROI over 4 years. We also carried out our first segments analysis in NI in 2020.
  • Research is carried out online, with samples provided by independent panel providers.
  • We set quotas based on age, gender, social class and region to ensure that our samples are relatively aligned demographically with the population at large as at Census 2016.

Follow her presentation here Irish Transport Segments – ITRN 2020

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