REFOHCUS project

Our first ‘in-person’ event after two years of WFH! It was great to attend the capstone event of the REFOHCUS project at the Museum of Literature and celebrate the success of the programme, and finally meet everyone involved.

The REFOHCUS project was set up for the inclusion of local communities in a conversation about science and science education. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland’s DISCOVER programme, the project focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and Ireland’s response to it, with regular webinars on topics such as vaccinations, misinformation and disinformation, mental health, and the role of the community. Delivered by UCD’s Department of Veterinary medicine, Munster Technical University and working with UCD’s Access and Lifelong Learning, the project targeted disadvantaged communities by engaging them with science education.

Interactions’ role was to advise on impact evaluation – evaluating the extent to which the communities engaged with the programme, and how their attitudes to science had evolved.

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