What Transport User type are you?

Taking the 12 ‘Golden Questions’ from the EU-funded SEGMENT project, Interactions has applied them to the Irish market. These 12 questions allow any survey respondent to be allocated to one of 8 distinct segments of the population, depending on their attitudes towards car use and active travel.

Women face higher risks and burdens than men in transport, due to unequal access to resources, education, job opportunities and entrenched socio-cultural norms. In the TInnGO project (2018 – 2021), Interactions is collaborating with local authorities, academic partners and transport consultants across Europe to develop a framework and mechanisms for a sustainable game change in European transport using the transformative strategy of gender-sensitive smart mobility.

Meath County Council have conducted extensive development work aimed at promoting the sharing of transport spaces by pedestrians, cyclists, public transport alongside carbon based.  Interactions have conducted a number of pre-and post- evaluations since 2016.

Interactions was successful under a competitive call to receive funding from the SEAI Renewable Energy Research Development and Demonstration Programme 2017, to segment the energy consumer market in Ireland, with a view to accelerating the deployment of innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

In June 2017, Interactions conducted a members’ survey on behalf of Delgany Golf Club who wished to gauge the satisfaction levels of their membership with the Club. In compliance with GDPR regulations, members were emailed a secure link to an online survey from a Delgany Golf Club address which assured confidence and anonymity and ensured a very high response rate of 56%.

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Interactions logo 300x86At Interactions we do market research, behaviour change, social marketing and service auditing (including mystery shopping). We are passionate about how people interact with ideas, products, services and each other. Our insight helps clients across Ireland and Europe better serve their customers and ultimately increase revenue.

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