Behaviour Change

Working with academic and industry partners across Europe, our experience as partners in major international behaviour change projects connects us at the forefront of international best practice in sustainability and behaviour change.

Specialisms include:

  • Measuring willingness and intention to change.
  • Identifying triggers and barriers that influence change.
  • Revealing ‘hooks’ to bring about\p desired behaviour change.
  • Measuring and evaluating success of behaviour change projects.

Our knowledge and connections from state-of-the-art international projects benefits our partners and clients abroad and closer to home.

Project TinnGOA sustainable game changer in European transport

An EU’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative project

Project Evidence 1 Economic benefits of sustainable transport

METPEX developed a Measurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger Experience. Interactions contributed to the survey design to evaluate the travel experience across all modes in 8 EU cities.

Research & evaluation including promoting car-sharing in Utrecht, public transport image enhancement in Tallinn, encouraging mobility management in Bologna, and promoting city centre access in Funchal.

Interactions was a contributing partner to the TAPESTRY (2012) project for influencing travel behaviour, reviewing behaviour change interventions and determining success factors.