The EVIDENCE project is reviewing scientific papers, reports and case studies on the costs and benefits of sustainable urban mobility initiatives.  The evidence assimilated will form a reference database tailor-made for use by policy decision-makers and practitioners at local and national levels.  It will be published on-line and a summary translated into 22 European languages. http://www.evidence-project.eu

METPEX is a research project funded in the context of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, aiming to develop and evaluate a standardised tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys. METPEX stands for MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger EXperience and its results will be used to inform policy makers in providing inclusive, passenger-oriented integrated transport systems that are accessible by all citizens. http://www.metpex.eu/

CIVITAS MIMOSA 2008-2012 (Sustainable Urban Transport)
We are Communication & Dissemination Work Package Manager for a consortium of 5 European cities, implementing 69 communications, policy and technology based measures to create cleaner city environments.
http://www.civitas-mimosa.eu and http://www.civitas-initiative.org

PARTNER Project 2005–2008.
Creation, evaluation, management and implementation of the INTEGRA Brand for the INTERREG Project PARTNER. (Responsible for awareness raising, end-user research, branding and communications)

ITISS Project 2004–2007
Creation, evaluation, management and implementation of the ITISS Brand for the INTERREG Project ITISS. (Responsible for dissemination, awareness raising & branding)

Dissemination managers for EC Project TAPESTRY, which produced a set of guidelines for Management, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of behaviour-change campaigns.

Evaluation managers in EC transport projects GAUDI and CONCERT – evaluation of smart card payment systems involving multiple operators (Dublin Bus, Telecom Eireann and car parks).

Project Co-ordinators for EC Project STIMULUS (Psychographic segmentation)

Swedish Public Transport Confederation and Swedish Roads Authority – workshops on how to influence travel behaviour change

Member of the expert group on marketing sustainable transport in 2020 for the EC NICHES Project (2006)
Department for Transport (UK) expert advisor to Transport & Travel Research Ltd. (UK) on information provision and web-site design

CIVITAS (EC Project) – expert advisor to the international METEOR consortium in providing workshops on behaviour change to the 19 cities participating in the CIVITAS project (2004)

ACCESS Eurocities – member of expert panel of judges for European Mobility Week (Brussels)

VOYAGER (EC Project) Expert advisor on transport marketing and quality for building a model of European Transport for the year 2020

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Interactions logo 300x86Since our incorporation in 1993, Interactions quickly established itself as Ireland’s leading independent specialist research company. We achieved this through our ability to draw on deeper levels of understanding of consumer behaviour, customer motivations and behavioural change to deliver real insight for our clients.

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