In 2017 Interactions is leading in Irish transport behaviour change:

  • Using an internationally verified profiling tool box and highly statistically robust data collection techniques, our segmentation tool splits car drivers and non-car drivers into behavioural and attitudinal groups.
  • With the addition of our proprietary personality and values psychological profiling, Interactions is delivering unparalleled transport market intelligence to policy makers driving change in transport Ireland today.

 The Results are In for Irish Transport

Transport Segments - the results are in for Ireland:

  • Ireland has more high volume car users, than any city in Europe.
  • Only Gdynia in Poland has as many Unrepentant drivers as Dublin.
  • And, the race is on to intercept another 10% who dream of starting to drive.

In December 2017 Interactions conducted a 1,000 sample nationally representative study amongst Irish adults to get inside the hearts and minds of Irish transport users. In addition to applying the European Travel Segments 'golden questions', we added a layer of psychographic profiling to really get under the skin of transport users.

Sounds interesting? You can access a little more detail here:

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You can see what segment you fall into, and what else we can tell about you from it, here

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Interactions logo 300x86Since our incorporation in 1993, Interactions quickly established itself as Ireland’s leading independent specialist research company. We achieved this through our ability to draw on deeper levels of understanding of consumer behaviour, customer motivations and behavioural change to deliver real insight for our clients.

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