Here at Interactions we really love this new ad. Cow&Gate say it’s all about seeing your little baby become a little person, developing its own personality and interacting with others. It is interactions such as these that make individuals a cohesive group, singing the same tune and speaking the same language.

Pleased but sad to say our Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project for South Dublin County Council has just been completed. It was a really exciting project to work on, being the first of its kind in Ireland (apart from a pilot in Adamstown in 2010). PTP has been implemented successfully in the UK and Europe, and it was interesting to see best practice being transferred to Ireland.

Many of us may be regretting not booking a foreign holiday given the state or of our ‘Summer in Dublin’.  But last weekend I felt like a tourist in a foreign city (despite the weather) and it is all down to the recently discovered (by me) Grand Canal Green Route.

We are really excited to have kicked off our Smarter Travel project for South Dublin County Council. This will run over the summer for 12 weeks where we will be visiting 4000 households in the area. Our specially trained team of Travel Advisors will have to hand lots of information on travel options, and will encourage people to try out different modes, offering them incentives to get them started and challenging them to make a change.

At Interactions, we’re a patriotic bunch! We like to do our bit to keep the ‘Irish Show On The Road’. So whilst our football manager Trapattoni and the rest of the team plan tactics, we’ve been busy improving the mobility network in Gdansk so the green army can easily get to and from football stadiums to see Trap’s Squad at EURO 2012 deliver.

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