Service and Brand Tracking

Tracking research can be conducted via usage and attitude studies, Net promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, Listenership. We track brand attributes, associations, health, loyalty, awareness, etc.

Mystery Shopping

Independent feedback on how your service or product is delivering.

Hall Tests

Quantitative methodology to test products, concepts, advertising, prices.

Focus Groups

Groups provide a forum where individuals with similar profiles are encouraged to consider and discuss aspects of the research topic in-depth and at length.

Omnibus Surveys

As well as bespoke research designed especially for you, we also offer the convenience and affordability of an online omnibus survey, delivering quality results in a speedy manner. Our omnibus survey delivers a nationally representative sample of 1000 adults providing reliable data for many clients to date, at competitive rates. Why not join them on our next omni?


A ‘one-size fits all’ approach to your market rarely works effectively. We use various statistical techniques such as cluster analysis and K-means to identify different segments to allow for more refined key audience identification and the design of targeted communications.

Behaviour Change

Our unique research approach to values and motivations and how they link to behaviour are underpinned by a powerful psychological framework in which our principal researchers are qualified, practiced and experienced. We provide in-depth insights into the nature of resistance to change, how to overcome it and bring about the change required for more sustainable behaviour.