Some might call it a philosophy, others a manifesto, but what we call our ‘research rationale’ is at the heart of what makes Interactions unique. It’s the reason we consistently deliver for clients beyond their expectations and push the boundaries of knowledge in the field of research.

Our research is based on a proven and established psychological framework that has three key elements:

      1. View the world through the eyes of your customer.
      2. Understand their behaviours and motivations.
      3. Identify the reasons for resistance to change.

Whether it’s for a product or a service, this framework enables us to harness richer and deeper levels of understanding that we can apply in numerous ways, from identifying the unique benefits for your target market to measuring perceptions so we can prioritise consumers’ needs.

We can help you identify potential new audiences and specifically early adopters. We can identify psychographic segments. We can also pinpoint any barriers to uptake and inform you how to overcome them.

Finally, we can help you determine what product or service attributes are required to overcome those barriers, as well as identify the optimum marketing strategy to raise awareness of your brand.

We know there’s quite a bit of depth there, but then there’s a phenomenal level of depth to what we do. We do it because it works, and it will work for you.

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Who We Are:

Interactions logo 300x86At Interactions we do market research, behaviour change, social marketing and service auditing (including mystery shopping). We are passionate about how people interact with ideas, products, services and each other. Our insight helps clients across Ireland and Europe better serve their customers and ultimately increase revenue.

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Interactions Research - Unit 2, Beach Court, Kilcoole,
Co. Wicklow, Ireland

+353 (01) 6461671


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