Understanding Your Customer

Our approach to research is based on the tools and techniques of Personal Construct Theory. The theory and methodologies provide unique insight into behaviour and how to influence behaviour change. Personal Construct Theory was developed in 1955 when George Kelly devised his theory of the individual as ‘the scientist’ who develops hypotheses, tests and modifies or discards them, developing a network of ‘constructs’ or values along the way. This framework is what an individual uses to construe events, situations and people and to make predictions about the future.

Personal Construct Theory has tools and techniques for both qualitative and quantitative research. It is used:

  • To gain insight into how someone sees the world – to understand their perceptions about a product or service
  • To determine their personal needs and priorities – what motivates them, what drives their behaviour.
  • To identify barriers to change –to explain the nature of resistance and explain the reactions produced when people are expected or forced to change their behaviours.
  • To inform communications development – how to communicate the benefits of a product or service or to suggest new ways of thinking about it

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