Who We Work With


We have gained a reputation for sustainability research with our unique approach to understanding behaviour change and resistance. It is our belief that sustainability can only be good for both the financial outcomes of our clients and our own company. In a world where action is urgently needed, we bring our expertise to bear for clients who want to influence behaviour towards more sustainable choices.

Transport & Travel

We have worked with a range of clients in this sector, from public transport operators and transport authorities, to the European Commission, covering infrastructure, service quality, mystery shopping, customer experience.

Public Sector

We have a wealth of experience working with public sector clients, providing data collection and analysis, evaluating initiatives and interventions, pre- and post- surveys, and feasibility studies.


From utilities providers to renewable energy initiatives, we research perceptions, attitudes and willingness to adopt new innovations.

Radio Research

Whether it is music testing, or breakfast show format, or licence applications, we provide the market insights to deliver what the listenership wants.

EU Projects

Working with academic and industry partners across Europe, our experience as partners in major international sustainability projects connects us at the forefront of international best practice in sustainability and behavioural analysis.
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Employee/ Membership Surveys

Employee/membership surveys are valuable in collecting important feedback and assessing climate and culture in your organisation or club. It also helps to identify needs and areas for improvement, boost retention rates and evaluate your communication channels and other internal initiatives. The Net Promoter Score measures likelihood to recommend your organisation to others and identifies Promoters, Passives and Detractors among your members.

Health and Well-being

Whether it is about work-life balance, employee satisfaction, substance abuse or lifestyle issues, we design bespoke research to get at the heart of the issue.